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Bounine Method

The technique explores the pelvic bone as the foundation of the entire structure of the body.
It is therefore essential to ensure that the pelvis is completely balanced to create long lasting release from the spinal cord.

The technique consists of applying firm pressure on very precise points on the pelvic girdle to re-align and re-enforce this foundation. Once achieved, we start releasing tension points along the spinal cord.

We release stress and tension points created by posture, accumulated stress, traumas (physical and emotional) and shocks from the muscular attachments, fascia and ligaments long the spinal cord allowing the vertebrates to re-align naturally.



What they think about energy work

we've had a couple of sessions and I'm very satisfied with the results. friendly & genuine person, Kiran helped me a lot in managing my energy and maintaining my inner balance.

Thank you Kiran! You are a blessing to those that have the privilege of being worked on - and I recommend her wholeheartedly!

She is intuitive, and excellent with her energy work, even if is distant healing - it shows that energy healing works... 

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