Being Well in your Being

By allowing a deep emotionnal, physical and mental release

Who am I ?

kiran chugani

I grew up in a very spiritual Indian family. Meditation, silent sitting, the power of mantras and the understanding of mind body spirit all influenced my earliest perceptions of both the visible and not so visible world. As a young child, i was extremely sensitive to other people's emotions, feelings and state of mind, often overwhelmed by how strongly I felt it inside me. There were things i just knew to be true

As most adolescents i was very rebellious and rejected and ignored all my capacities. While pursuing my degrees in Social Work and Studio Art (Painting) in Washington DC, USA a major event in my life, deeply affected and compelled me to reconnect to my abilities. I began to attend and receive certifications in various forms of energy healing both in Europe and India. . 

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An approach to dealing with back pain. Releasing tension points along the spinal cord.

soins energetiques

Energy Work

Lève les blocages, harmonise la circulation des énergies, ressource le corps et recréé un connexion avec soi.


Reiki Training

Personalized (max 2pers.) Training in Reiki to introduce you to energy work and learn the 3 Reiki Symbols.




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