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What is an energy work ?

Energy work raises our vibration and creates a space that allows the body to release memories and impressions that are at the base of our physical, emotional and mental blockages.

The best way to describe a session of energy work is to compare it to the way we would clear our computer - to erase our browser history, operations and files.

Our bodies, just like computers, stores all our life experiences, impressions, our traumas, our emotions positive or negative and everything that goes with that.   Even if we consciously understand why we experienced these events, they remain engrained in our cellular memory and are often the source of our imbalances and limitations.

These memories influence and guides us towards certain decisions we make in our everyday life and determines what we allow ourselves to experience. In time though, these memories can become to heavy to bear ( as in the case of some depressions) .

Our body anchors certain reactions to specific situation, as in example, panic attacks, phobias and stress. After clearing the triggers through a session of energy work, a person will be able to face the same situation without unconsciously tapping into their past history and triggers.

Within just a few sessions the person will be able to release all the negative patterns that conditioned the negative response. These sessions allow a deeper connection to our essence, intuition and body. In such, energy work is like the DELETE button of your computer to clear all they viruses and bad files to make space for LIFE to flow more freely.

The initial reaction most people have after a session of energy work, is a feeling of lightness in the body. This method empowers you to release limitations, blockages, density and harmonizes, liberates and encourages a more fluid circulation of energy, to boost your system, recharge your batteries and create a deeper connection with your heart, essence and intuition.x

Session at 80€/hour

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